Where do I get tickets?


Where can we stay for Tubes 'n Tunes?

All the cabins at Mountain Breeze have been reserved. For condo info, please contact us at info@tubesntunes.com
If camping is not your thing, there are many hotels in New Braunfels. Also condo and cabin rentals along River Road, next to the Guadalupe River. Check AirBnB or VRBO.com

How long does the float last?

Typically 3.5 - 4.5 hours depending on water level.

Where does the float depart from and end up at?

We will be departing from Mountain Breeze Campground at 10:30am am on Saturday, June 2nd and will be floating down to the Lone Star Float House. There will be shuttles to return you to Mountain Breeze.

What time should I arrive on Saturday for the float?

Be sure to get there at least ONE HOUR BEFORE THE FLOAT to be sure you get your tube.

How do I change my t-shirt to a tank top in my order?

Contact us at info@tubesntunes.com and let us know what size tank you would like, and what name your ticket order is under.

Can we bring coolers on the river?

Yes, but no styrofoam or glass. You can get a FREE cooler tube when you get your tube at Mountain Breeze

Can my band be booked on Tubes 'n Tunes?

At this time, our lineup is complete for 2018